Dear colleagues,

we had a great conference in Obergurgl, exciting talks, lots of discussions, brilliant sunshine, and a little snow. Those who could not attend, can at least have a look at the conference photo on the website. Be sure to mark
the second half of September 2014 on your agenda for the next edition.
The management committee of the COST Action also met in that wonderful place, and the scientific program for 2013 is almost finalized. An  important item will once again be STSMs, and you can already apply now !!

Your editorial team

Kevin Sheridan has written an enthusiastic encouragement of Short Term Scientific Missions. Be sure to read it on our website.

Ofri Kahana, a high school student, has won the first prize of Israel national science fair  with a project on ion traps supervised by Haggai Landa from Tel Aviv University ! She will be attending the Nobel prize ceremony. Details in the article about girls and science here.


Reminder for the TSR@ISOLDE Workshop (29. – 30. October 2012)  to be held at CERN, Geneva. More

FUNTRAP 12 - the workshop on Fundamental Interactions with Atom & Ion Traps, will be held at the Weizmann Institute of Science on December 2-6, 2012.


Post-doctoral position is available in the field of gas phase photophysics/photochemistry at the PIIM in Marseille, France. Details here.

Postdoctoral position in experimental trapped-ion quantum communication is available in the Kielpinski group at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Details here.
The Quantum Sciences and Technology Group at JPL has immediate openings for regular staff members as well as postdocs. Contact:

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