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The European Physical Society, and the Centro di Cultura Scientifica 'Alessandro Volta', and Edison S.p.A. have established the 'EPS Edison Volta Prize' to promote excellent research and achievement in physics. Nomination deadline is 31 july 2012. More

We would like to show some photos etc of Wolfgang Lange together withe the movie about the Science Festival in Turku, where he has given a talk. Please send your (high definition) media to (or send a link for download).


The second edition of the ECTI conference is scheduled from 9-14 September in Obergurgl/Austria. Participation is limited to 120 researchers and is now full. Please, contact the Organizers to be placed on a waiting list. Registration at the reduced fee of euro 450,00 is possible until 30 June 2012.  Details HERE.

The 10th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas will take place in Greifswald, Germany, August 27-30, 2012. Abstract deadline is this week ! Details can be found HERE

Quantum Atomic, Molecular, and Plasma Physics Summer School 2012 (QuAMP 2012)
Queen's University of Belfast (UK), 9-13 September 2012


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