Dear colleagues,

let us take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful New Year ! The network will organize many exciting events,
starting with a 2 week-School in Les Houches tomorrow, and we are looking forward to meet you on one of those occasions.  

in 2012, we would like to welcome our NIST colleagues who are now officially affiliated to the Network; other groups have started the process to join the Action.

We are still looking for a dynamic young researcher who will use his or her scientific and up-to-date knowledge as a highlight editor for this newsletter !

May we also remind you to acknowledge the Action in your collaborative work and publications!

Best regards,
Martina and Irene


 has joined the Action as an offical member, represented on the MC by D Leibfried. link

Rainer Blatt is the recipient of the Stern-Gerlach medal 2012 of the German Physical Society. Congratulations ! more

The first  edition of the Newsletter of the STREP project on Physics of Ion Coulomb Crystals (PICC) can be read here

Klaus Blaum from MPI für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for "MEFUCO - Precision Measurements of Fundamental Constants with Penning Traps".  more

We are looking for a dynamic postdoc or PhD student to serve as "highlight" editor for this Newsletter. contact

Our website is there for your announcements, jobs and  publications. Feel free to post items!


the workshop on "techniques for trapped Ions" is scheduled in Siegen/D from 7 to 9 May 2012. Details on the Action website and  here.

The ECTI conference will take place from 9-14 September in Obergurgl/Austria. more

A postdoc position is available in M Hass's group at the Weizmann Institute on "Precision measurements of the β−ν correlation in the decay of 6He using an electrostatic ion trap". Details here.
Please send recent informations about published or accepted publications to

Microwave quantum logic gates for trapped ions,
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