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ECTI 2016 will go back to the mountains: Arosa (Switzerland) will host the 2016 edition from 29 August to 2 September 2016 - SAVE THE DATE !

The COST Framework is concerned about future budgets. The problem of reallocated funds from H2020 to the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has been solved, but the budget stability is not completely assured. See news and also the online petitiion on the COST website

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Trapped ions on the cover page of Nature Physics ! See link  and paper by the Wester group
The website is still alive. You can post your job offers, look at the Ion Trapper's movie (, or look at the archived publication lists and newsletters.

Workshop on Hybrid Atomic Quantum Systems, September 28th to 30th, 2015, at the Center for Optical Quantum Technologies (ZOQ) in Hamburg (Germany). More information can be found here
A 3-day international STIRAP symposium (  is planned in Kaiserslautern, Sept. 22 – 25, 2015

8th Symposium on Frequency Standards and Metrology, Potsdam/Germany, 12-16 October 2015


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Automatic minimisation of micromotion in a 88Sr+ optical clock
G P Barwood, G Huang, H A Klein and P Gill
Meas. Sci. Technol. 26 075203 (2015)

Determination of transition frequencies in a single Ba+138 ion

E. A. Dijck, M. Nuñez Portela, A. T. Grier, K. Jungmann, A. Mohanty, N. Valappol, and L. Willmann
Phys. Rev. A 91, 060501(R) (2015)

Dynamics of correlations in two-dimensional quantum spin models with long-range interactions: a phase-space Monte-Carlo study
J Schachenmayer, A Pikovski and A M Rey
New J. Phys. 17 065009 (2015)

Finite nuclear size corrections to the recoil effect in hydrogenlike ions
I A Aleksandrov, A A Shchepetnov, D A Glazov and V M Shabaev
J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 48 144004 (2015)

Formation of molecular ions by radiative association of cold trapped atoms and ions
Humberto da Silva Jr, Maurice Raoult, Mireille Aymar and Olivier Dulieu
New J. Phys. 17 045015 (2015)

Hexagonal plaquette spin-spin interactions and quantum magnetism in a two-dimensional ion crystal
R Nath, M Dalmonte, A W Glaetzle, P Zoller, F Schmidt-Kaler and R Gerritsma
New J. Phys. 17 065018 (2015)

Interplay of soundcone and supersonic propagation in lattice models with power law interactions
David-Maximilian Storch, Mauritz van den Worm and Michael Kastner
New J. Phys. 17 063021 (2015)

Measurement of Magic Wavelengths for the Ca+40 Clock Transition
Pei-Liang Liu, Yao Huang, Wu Bian, Hu Shao, Hua Guan, Yong-Bo Tang, Cheng-Bin Li, J. Mitroy, and Ke-Lin Gao
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 223001 (2015)

Optical atomic clocks
Andrew D. Ludlow, Martin M. Boyd, Jun Ye, E. Peik, and P.O. Schmidt
Rev. Mod. Phys. 87, 637 (2015)

Probing polariton dynamics in trapped ions with phase-coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy
Manuel Gessner, Frank Schlawin and Andreas Buchleitner
J. Chem. Phys. 142, 212439 (2015)

Probing the N=32 Shell Closure below the Magic Proton Number Z=20: Mass Measurements of the Exotic Isotopes 52,53 K
M Rosenbusch et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 202501 (2015)

Quantum simulations of a freely rotating ring of ultracold and identical bosonic ions
F. Robicheaux and K. Niffenegger
Phys. Rev. A 91, 063618 (2015)

Realization of a Quantum Integer-Spin Chain with Controllable Interactions
C. Senko, P. Richerme, J. Smith, A. Lee, I. Cohen, A. Retzker, and C. Monroe
Phys. Rev. X 5, 021026 (2015)

Spin correlations as a probe of quantum synchronization in trapped-ion phonon lasers
Michael R. Hush, Weibin Li, Sam Genway, Igor Lesanovsky, and Andrew D. Armour
Phys. Rev. A 91, 061401(R) (2015)

Synthetic magnetic fluxes and topological order in one-dimensional spin systems
Tobias Graß, Christine Muschik, Alessio Celi, Ravindra W. Chhajlany, and Maciej Lewenstein
Phys. Rev. A 91, 063612 (2015)


Measurement-based Quantum Communication
M. Zwerger, H.J. Briegel, W. Dür

Measurement of dipole matrix elements with a single trapped ion
M. Hettrich, T. Ruster, H. Kaufmann, C. F. Roos, C. T. Schmiegelow, F. Schmidt-Kaler, U. G. Poschinger

Optical injection and spectral filtering of high-power UV laser diodes
V. M. Schäfer, C. J. Ballance, C. J. Tock, D. M. Lucas

Quantum Implementation of Unitary Coupled Cluster for Simulating Molecular Electronic Structure
Yangchao Shen, Xiang Zhang, Shuaining Zhang, Jing-Ning Zhang, Man-Hong Yung, Kihwan Kim

Realization of near-deterministic arithmetic operations and quantum state engineering
Mark Um, Junhua Zhang, Dingshun Lv, Yao Lu, Shuoming An, Jing-Ning Zhang, Hyunchul Nha, M. S. Kim, Kihwan Kim

Rydberg excitation of a single trapped ion
T. Feldker, P. Bachor, M. Stappel, D. Kolbe, R. Gerritsma, J. Walz, F. Schmidt-Kaler

Spectral Collapse via Two-phonon Interactions in Trapped Ions
S. Felicetti, J. S. Pedernales, I. L. Egusquiza, G. Romero, L. Lamata, D. Braak, E. Solano

Spontaneous-symmetry-breaking assisted quantum sensors
Peter A. Ivanov, Kilian Singer, Nikolay V. Vitanov, Diego Porras

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