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year 1 after the end of the COST Action is drawing to a close, and we turn to 2016 with the ECTI conference as major event, and hopefully a positive answer to our new application.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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Congratulations to Andreas Mooser who has been awarded the Pfeiffer Vaccum PhD prize for the measurement of magnetic moment of the proton. Link
30th European Frequency and Time Forum to be held at the University of York, UK from the 4th to 7th April 2016  Deadline for abstract submission 22 December 2015 (TODAY !)

SPIE Photonics Europe 2016 – Quantum Technologies Conference, 4-7 April 2016, Brussels
CPEM, 10-15 July, Ottawa, Canada LINK
European Conference on Trapped Ions, Aug 29 -Sept 2, 2016, Arosa, CH LINK

Assistant/Associate/Senior Editor (atomic/plasma physics) for Nature Communications; London, Shanghai or New York  Link

Post Doc position, CNRS - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, FRANCE Link

Senior postdoc position in Molecular Physics and Physical Chemistry, Berlin, Germany Link

Faculty position at TRIUMF: Research Scientist-Nuclear Physics with Ion Traps   Link

Research engineer Laser and Metrology for Advanced Virgo  Link

Please sent informations about your publications to

Ball-grid array architecture for microfabricated ion traps
Nicholas D. Guise, Spencer D. Fallek, Kelly E. Stevens, K. R. Brown, Curtis Volin, Alexa W. Harter, Jason M. Amini, Robert E. Higashi, Son Thai Lu, Helen M. Chanhvongsak, Thi A. Nguyen, Matthew S. Marcus, Thomas R. Ohnstein and Daniel W. Youngner
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BASE – The Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment
C. Smorra, K. Blaum, L. Bojtar, M. Borchert, K.A. Franke, T. Higuchi1, N. Leefer, H. Nagahama, Y. Matsuda, A. Mooser, M. Niemann, C. Ospelkaus, W. Quint, G. Schneider, S. Sellner, T. Tanaka, S. Van Gorp, J. Walz, Y. Yamazaki, and S. Ulmer
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Cavity-based quantum networks with single atoms and optical photons
Andreas Reiserer and Gerhard Rempe
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Direct observation of high-spin states in manganese dimer and trimer cations by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy in an ion trap
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Dissipative Quantum Control of a Spin Chain
Giovanna Morigi, Jürgen Eschner, Cecilia Cormick, Yiheng Lin, Dietrich Leibfried, and David J. Wineland
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Entanglement-enhanced spreading of correlations
Michael Kastner
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Error compensation of single-qubit gates in a surface-electrode ion trap using composite pulses
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Experimental demonstration of a surface-electrode multipole ion trap
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Generalized mean-field approach to simulate the dynamics of large open spin ensembles with long range interactions
Sebastian Krämer and Helmut Ritsch
Eur. Phys. J. D (2015) 69: 282

Hybrid quantum logic and a test of Bell’s inequality using two different atomic isotopes
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Ion-trap measurements of electric-field noise near surfaces
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Long-range Ising and Kitaev models: phases, correlations and edge modes
Davide Vodola, Luca Lepori, Elisa Ercolessi, and Guido Pupillo
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Modulating carrier and sideband coupling strengths in a standing-wave gate beam
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Multi-element logic gates for trapped-ion qubits
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Nanofriction in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
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Phase diagram of a quantum Coulomb wire
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Phonon-to-spin mapping in a system of a trapped ion via optimal control
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Photodissociation spectroscopy of the dysprosium monochloride molecular ion
Alexander Dunning, Alexander Petrov, Steven J. Schowalter, Prateek Puri, Svetlana Kotochigova and Eric R. Hudson
J. Chem. Phys. 143, 124309 (2015)

Precision Mass Measurements of Cd129–131 and Their Impact on Stellar Nucleosynthesis via the Rapid Neutron Capture Process
D. Atanasov, P. Ascher, K. Blaum, R. B. Cakirli, T. E. Cocolios, S. George, S. Goriely, F. Herfurth, H.-T. Janka, O. Just, M. Kowalska, S. Kreim, D. Kisler, Yu. A. Litvinov, D. Lunney, V. Manea, D. Neidherr, M. Rosenbusch, L. Schweikhard, A. Welker, F. Wienholtz, R. N. Wolf, and K. Zuber
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Quantum physics: Entanglement beyond identical ions
Tobias Schaetz
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Quasiequilibrium Characterization of Mixed-Ion Coulomb Crystals
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Resonant photo-ionization of Yb+ to Yb2+
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Telecom-heralded single-photon absorption by a single atom
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Ultracold magnetically tunable interactions without radiative-charge-transfer losses between Ca+, Sr+, Ba+, and Yb+ ions and Cr atoms
Michał Tomza
Phys. Rev. A 92, 062701 (2015)


A quantum parametric oscillator with trapped ions
Shiqian Ding, Gleb Maslennikov, Roland Hablutzel, Huanqian Loh, Dzmitry Matsukevich

Cascade emission in electron beam ion trap plasma of W$^{25+}$ ion
V. Jonauskas, T. Pütterich, S. Kučas, Š. Masys, A. Kynienė, G. Gaigalas, R. Kisielius, L. Radžiūtė, P. Rynkun, G. Merkelis

Collisional cooling of light ions by co-trapped heavy atoms
Sourav Dutta, Rahul Sawant, S. A. Rangwala

Collisional-Radiative Model for the visible spectrum of $W^{26+}$ ions
Xiaobin Ding, Jiaxin Liu, Fumihiro Koike, Izumi Murakami, Daiji Kato, Hiroyuki A Sakaue, Nobuyuki Nakamura, Chenzhong Dong

Designing a Million-Qubit Quantum Computer Using Resource Performance Simulator
Muhammad Ahsan, Rodney Van Meter, Jungsang Kim

Excitation of an Atomic Transition with a Vortex Laser Beam
Christian T. Schmiegelow, Jonas Schulz, Henning Kaufmann, Thomas Ruster, Ulrich G. Poschinger, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler

Evaluation of trap-induced systematic frequency shifts for a multi-ion optical clock at the $10^{-19}$ level
J. Keller, T. Burgermeister, D. Kalincev, J. Kiethe, T.E. Mehlstäubler

Freely configurable quantum simulator based on a two-dimensional array of individually trapped ions
Manuel Mielenz, Henning Kalis, Matthias Wittemer, Frederick Hakelberg, Roman Schmied, Matthew Blain, Peter Maunz, Dietrich Leibfried, Ulrich Warring, Tobias Schaetz

Frequency stability of a wavelength meter and applications to laser frequency stabilization
Khaldoun Saleh, Jacques Millo, Alexandre Didier, Yann Kersalé, Clément Lacroûte

Full quantum theory of control-not gate in ion-trap quantum computation
Biyao Yang, Li Yang

Height-hexatic phase and clock order of two-dimensional Coulomb crystals
Daniel Podolsky, Efrat Shimshoni, Giovanna Morigi, Shmuel Fishman

Laser-driven quantum logic gates with precision beyond the fault-tolerant threshold
C. J. Ballance, T. P. Harty, N. M. Linke, M. A. Sepiol, D. M. Lucas

Measuring nonequilibrium retarded spin-spin Green's functions in an ion-trap based quantum simulator
Bryce T. Yoshimura, J. K. Freericks

Microscopy with a Deterministic Single Ion Source
Georg Jacob, Karin Groot-Berning, Sebastian Wolf, Stefan Ulm, Luc Couturier, Samuel T. Dawkins, Ulrich G. Poschinger, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, Kilian Singer

Multipole Electrodynamic Ion Trap Geometries for Microparticle Confinement under Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure Conditions
Bogdan M. Mihalcea, Liviu C. Giurgiu, Cristina Stan, Gina T. Visan, Mihai Ganciu, Vladimir E. Filinov, Dmitry S. Lapitsky, Lidiya V. Deputatova, Roman A. Syrovatka

Observation of quantum interference between separated mechanical oscillator wavepackets
D. Kienzler, C. Flühmann, V. Negnevitsky, H.-Y. Lo, M. Marinelli, D. Nadlinger, J. P. Home

Precision measurement of the branching fractions of the 5p 2 P 1/2 state in 88 Sr + with a single ion in a micro fabricated surface trap
Jean-Pierre Likforman (MPQ), Vincent Tugay{é} (MPQ), Samuel Guibal (MPQ), Luca Guidoni (MPQ)

Quantum Transport of Energy in Controlled Synthetic Quantum Magnets
Alejandro Bermudez, Tobias Schaetz

Quantum simulation of the dynamical Casimir effect with trapped ions
Nils Trautmann, Philipp Hauke

Quantum simulator for many-body electron-electron Coulomb interaction with ion traps
Da-Wei Luo, P. V. Pyshkin, Michele. Modugno, Mike Guidry, J. Q. You, Lian-Ao Wu

Quantum spin dynamics and entanglement generation with hundreds of trapped ions
Justin G. Bohnet, Brian C. Sawyer, Joseph W. Britton, Michael L. Wall, Ana Maria Rey, Michael Foss-Feig, John J. Bollinger

Relaxation dynamics in an isolated long-range Ising chain
H. T. Ng, Jing-Ning Zhang

Spin-orbit interactions and quantum spin dynamics in cold ion-atom collisions
Timur V. Tscherbul, Paul Brumer, Alexei A. Buchachenko

Theoretical investigation of spectroscopic properties of $W^{25+}$
A. Alkauskas, P. Rynkun, G. Gaigalas, A. Kynienė, R. Kisielius, S. Kučas, Š. Masys, G. Merkelis, V. Jonauskas

Theoretical investigation of spectroscopic properties of W$^{26+}$ in EBIT plasma
V. Jonauskas, A. Kynienė, P. Rynkun, S. Kučas, G. Gaigalas, R. Kisielius, Š. Masys, G. Merkelis, L. Radžiūtė

Understanding analog quantum simulation dynamics in coupled ion-trap qubits
Yang-Le Wu, S. Das Sarma

Visibility of Young's interference fringes: Scattered light from small ion crystals
Sebastian Wolf, Julian Wechs, Joachim von Zanthier, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler

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