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In order to produce this newsletter, some work is required, which relies to a large fraction on a paid editor putting together the publication lists. At the end of the COST-Action we had decided to continue this service with kind sponsors. From our first (limited) call, we have received very rapidly many financial contributions from different ion trapping groups, so that the continuity of this newsletter is guaranteed ! The kind funders for 2015 are (in order of arrival) Stefan Willitsch, Laurent Hilico, Stephan Schiller, and Roee Ozeri. For 2016 we already have a list of sponsors and by the end of that period we'll hopefully also have a new European funding. Many thanks to all who have so spontaneously contributed, and in particular to Mirjam Bruttin and Jonathan Home who offered administrative help!

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Stefan Ulmer has received the 2014 IUPAP prize for fundamental metrology for his work on work on proton and antiproton magnetic moment measurements Details
The website is stilla live. You can post your job offers, look at the Ion Trapper's movie (, or look at the archived publication lists and newsletters.

CAMEL11: Nessebar/BG, 14-19 June 2015, Deadline May 15, 2015
A 3-day international STIRAP symposium (  is planned in Kaiserslautern, Sept. 22 – 25, 2015

8th Symposium on Frequency Standards and Metrology, Potsdam/Germany, 12-16 October 2015

PostDoc position in Marseille
At Aix-Marseille University we are looking for a postdoc to join our new project in coherent multi-photon spectroscopy. More info here

Postdocs and PhD for Hannover/Braunschweig
Two postdoctoral research positions and one PhD position are available at Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) and PTB Braunschweig.  Information and PDFs with the announcement can be found at

A PhD position on coherent spectroscopy of trapped ions, funded by DGA/Aix-Marseille University for 3 years, is available in the ion trap group of  Martina Knoop. Please contact before 6 May 2015.
A PhD (or possibly postdoc) position funded by DFG (German Science Foundation, TV 13) for 3 years is available in the laser molecular spectroscopy group of Otto Dopfer at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Details can be found here

Please sent informations about your publications to

An ion trap built with photonic crystal fibre technology
F. Lindenfelser, B. Keitch, D. Kienzler, D. Bykov, P. Uebel, M. A. Schmidt, P. St.J. Russell, and
J. P. Home
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Analytical Solution for the Anisotropic Rabi Model: Effects of Counter-Rotating Terms
Guofeng Zhang, and Hanjie Zhu
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Broadband, unpolarized repumping and clearout light sources for Sr+ single-ion clocks
T. Fordell, T. Lindvall, P. Dubé, A. A. Madej, A. E. Wallin, and M. Merimaa
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Cavity Cooling a Single Charged Levitated Nanosphere
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Charge-exchange collisions between ultracold fermionic lithium atoms and calcium ions
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Cold interactions between an Yb+ ion and a Li atom: Prospects for sympathetic cooling, radiative association, and Feshbach resonances
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Coulomb crystal mass spectrometry in a digital ion trap
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Coulomb crystallization of highly charged ions
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Direct Photonic Coupling of a Semiconductor Quantum Dot and a Trapped Ion
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Doppler amplification of motion of a trapped three-level ion
X Chen, Y-W Lin and B C Odom
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Efficient construction of three- and four-qubit quantum gates by global entangling gates
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Electron and recoil ion momentum imaging with a magneto-optically trapped target
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Fault-tolerant Hahn-Ramsey interferometry with pulse sequences of alternating detuning
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Fast thermometry for trapped ions using dark resonances
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Identification of the Predicted 5s-4f Level Crossing Optical Lines with Applications to Metrology and Searches for the Variation of Fundamental Constants
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Lindbladians for controlled stochastic Hamiltonians
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Measurement of ion motional heating rates over a range of trap frequencies and temperatures
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Multi-qubit gate with trapped ions for microwave and laser-based implementation
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Optimization and simulation of MEMS rectilinear ion trap
Huang Gang, Chen Yi, Tang Fei, Liu Li-Tao and Wang Xiaohao
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Particle dynamics in damped nonlinear quadrupole ion traps
Eugene A. Vinitsky, Eric D. Black and Kenneth G. Libbrecht
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Penning trap mass measurements utilizing highly charged ions as a path to benchmark isospin-symmetry breaking corrections in Rb74
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Phase-Modulated Decoupling and Error Suppression in Qubit-Oscillator Systems
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Plasma and trap-based techniques for science with positrons
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Precision measurement of branching fractions of Ba138+: Testing many-body theories below the 1% level
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Simulation of the elementary evolution operator with the motional states of an ion in an anharmonic trap
Ludovic Santos, Yves Justum, Nathalie Vaeck and M. Desouter-Lecomte
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Single Dot Meets Single Ion
Nika Akopian
8, 27 (2015)

State selective detection of hyperfine qubits
Sabine Wölk, Christian Piltz, Theeraphot Sriarunothai and Christof Wunderlich
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Storing keV Negative Ions for an Hour: The Lifetime of the Metastable P2o1/2 level in S32
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Strong-field ionization with two-color circularlypolarized laser fields
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Structural and energetic properties of molecular Coulomb crystals in a surface-electrode ion trap
A Mokhberi and S Willitsch
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Sympathetic cooling of molecular ion motion to the ground state
R Rugango, J E Goeders, T H Dixon, J M Gray, N B Khanyile, G Shu, R J Clark and K R Brown
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171Yb+ 5D3/2 hyperfine state detection and F = 2 lifetime
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Broadband, unpolarized repumping and clearout light sources for Sr+ single-ion clocks
T. Fordell, T. Lindvall, P. Dubé, A.A. Madej, A.E. Wallin, M. Merimaa

Composite two-qubit quantum gates
Svetoslav S. Ivanov, and Nikolay V. Vitanov

Determination of transition frequencies in a single $^{138}$Ba$^{+}$ ion
E. A. Dijck, M. Nuñez Portela, A. T. Grier, K. Jungmann, A. Mohanty, N. Valappol, L. Willmann

Dynamics of an Ion Coupled to a Parametric Superconducting Circuit
Dvir Kafri, Prabin Adhikari, Jacob M. Taylor

Error Compensation of Single-Qubit Gates in a Surface Electrode Ion Trap Using Composite Pulses
Emily Mount, Chingiz Kabytayev, Stephen Crain, Robin Harper, So-Young Baek, Geert Vrijsen, Steven Flammia, Kenneth R. Brown, Peter Maunz, Jungsang Kim

Hexagonal Plaquette Spin-spin Interactions and Quantum Magnetism in a Two-dimensional Ion Crystal
Rejish Nath, Marcello Dalmonte, Alexander W Glaetzle, Peter Zoller, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, Rene Gerritsma

Ion trajectory analysis for micromotion minimization and the measurement of small forces
Timm F. Gloger, Peter Kaufmann, Delia Kaufmann, M. Tanveer Baig, Thomas Collath, Michael Johanning, and Christof Wunderlich

Lifetime measurement of the 5d$^2$D$_{5/2}$ state in Ba$^+$
Amita Mohanty, Elwin A. Dijck, Mayerlin Nuñez Portela, Nivedya Valappol, Andrew T. Grier, Thomas Meijknecht, Lorenz Willmann, Klaus Jungmann

Main Magnetic Focus Ion Source: I. Basic principles and theoretical predictions
V. P. Ovsyannikov, and A. V. Nefiodov

Nano-friction in cavity quantum electrodynamics
T. Fogarty, C. Cormick, H. Landa, Vladimir M. Stojanović, E. Demler, Giovanna Morigi

Optimal Phonon-to-Spin Mapping in a system of a trapped ion
Matthias M. Müller, Ulrich G. Poschinger, Tommaso Calarco, Simone Montangero, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler

Practical Entanglement Estimation for Spin-System Quantum Simulators
O. Marty, M. Cramer, M.B. Plenio

Precision isotope shift measurements in Ca$^+$ using highly sensitive detection schemes
Florian Gebert, Yong Wan, Fabian Wolf, Christopher N. Angstmann, Julian C. Berengut, Piet O. Schmidt

Rabi Lattice models with discrete gauge symmetry: phase diagram and implementation in trapped ion quantum simulators
Pedro Nevado, and Diego Porras

Simplified implementation of the quantum Fourier transform with Ising-type Hamiltonians: Example with ion traps
Svetoslav S. Ivanov, Michael Johanning, and Christof Wunderlich

Spectra of In-like Tungsten, $W^{25+}$, from the Shanghai permanent magnet electron beam ion trap
W. Li, J. Xiao, Z. Shi, Z. Fei, R, Zhao, T.Brage, S. Huldt, R. Hutton, and Y. Zou

Tachyon Physics with Trapped Ions
Tony E. Lee, Unai Alvarez-Rodriguez, Xiao-Hang Cheng, Lucas Lamata, Enrique Solano

Theory of phonon dynamics in an ion trap
T. Dutta, M. Mukherjee, K. Sengupta

Universal Quantum Transducers based on Surface Acoustic Waves
Martin J. A. Schuetz, Eric M. Kessler, Geza Giedke, Lieven M. K. Vandersypen, Mikhail D. Lukin, J. Ignacio Cirac

Scalable Digital Hardware for a Trapped Ion Quantum Computer
Emily Mount, Daniel Gaultney, Geert Vrijsen, Michael Adams, So-Young Baek, Kai Hudek, Louis Isabella, Stephen Crain, Andre van Rynbach, Peter Maunz, Jungsang Kim

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