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we are happy to announce that the first Early Career Conference on Trapped Ions will be held in January 2020. Proposed and organized by young researchers for young researchers, this event is exclusively dedicated to PhD students and young postdocs, in order to give them a platform to discuss, exchange and network. The location will be CERN, and the program will mix talks, posters, discussions, and a CERN visit. The outline of the program will be made over summer, and registration is planned for autumn. This event is part of the COST Action, and registration and lodging are announced to be quite inexpensive.
SAVE THE DATE : 13-17 January 2020.

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Congratulations to Rainer Blatt who has been elected foreign associate of the American National Academy of Sciences. LINK


The Atomic Physics Gordon Seminar and Conference (GRS/GRC) on Cold Controlled Atoms and Molecules, Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Precision Measurements will be held June 8-9 (GRS) and 9- 14, 2019 (GRC) at Salve Regina University, Rhode Island USA and still has some open slots for participants.

NACTI 2019, the 2nd North American Conference on Trapped Ions, will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD, USA on July 22-26 2019,  REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 15 JUNE 2019

ICPEAC XXXI , Deauville/France, 23-30 July 2019 LINK

Electrostatic Storage Devices (ESD8) conference to be held in Tinajin, P.R. China August 25 to 30, 2019. Details

Early Career Conference on Trapped Ions, to be held at CERN, Geneva 13-17 January 2020. LINK
Postdoc positions on new and ongoing projects in Quantum Information and Quantum Networking with trapped ions are available at the University of Maryland, please contact Norbert Linke
PhD position within the Time and Frequency department at FEMTO-ST, with a grant from Bourgogne Franche-Comté Univetsity. The project aims at realizing an ultra-compact, transportable ULE Fabry-Perot cavity. More information on the group webpage,
Two Research Fellows at the University of Sussex, Brighton/UK: Scaling A Trapped Ion Qunatum Computer LINK  and High Fidelity Trapped Ion Quantum Computing LINK

PhD student position for Quantum Simulation with large beryllium ion crystals in a Penning trap. Interested students should please contact Michael Biercuk and Robert Wolf 

Postdoc position in the ion trapping group of Rene Gerritsma (University of Amsterdam) LINK

2 PhD student positions for a  Paul trap experiments with ytterbium ions on Quantum Control and Quantum Simulation, please contact Michael Biercuk ( and Cornelius Hempel (

Swansea University’s Department of Physics has a call for EPSRC-funded PhD scholarships in 2019 in areas spanning the research interests of the Atomic Molecular and Quantum Physics (AMQP) group, they contain a number of subjects interesting for antimatter and/or ion trappers. LINK

Postdoc position: Join an effort with the long-term goal of exploring the physics and technology required to enable high-performance quantum computing, simulation, and sensing with trapped ions.  Near-term research is focused on novel quantum information processing techniques and encodings in trapped ions, and methods to enhance the fidelity and speed of quantum operations through use of trap-integrated technologies and novel protocols.  This research, which will be performed primarily in the MIT laboratory of Isaac Chuang, will be part of the newly-developed MIT Center for Quantum Engineering and is an opportunity to work with a diverse, tightly integrated team of physicists and engineers from both MIT and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  Please contact Isaac Chuang ( and/or Jeremy Sage ( for more details.

You can also find postdoc positions in frequency metrology, cold atoms and quantum information


Please sent informations about your publications to

BOOK Measurement, Uncertainties and Lasers, IOPscience
by Masatoshi KAJITA 

A comparative study of estimation methods in quantum tomography
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The U.S. National Quantum Initiative: From Act to action
SCIENCE03 MAY 2019 : 440-442

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Concepts for direct frequency-comb spectroscopy of 229mTh
Authors: Lars von der Wense, Chuankun Zhang

Direct determination of the 138La β-decay Q value using Penning trap mass spectrometry
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Error-Mitigated Quantum Gates Exceeding Physical Fidelities in a Trapped-Ion System
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Full-Stack, Real-System Quantum Computer Studies: Architectural Comparisons and Design Insights
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Generation and stabilization of entangled coherent states for the vibrational modes of a trapped ion
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Hydrogen pressure at 10−12 mBar level in a room temperature ion trapping apparatus
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Many-body localization in spin chains with the long-range transverse interactions: scaling of critical disorder with the system size
Authors: Andrii O. Maksymov, Alexander L. Burin

Measuring the temperature and heating rate of a single ion by imaging
Authors: Bharath Srivathsan, Martin Fischer, Lucas Alber, Markus Weber, Markus Sondermann, Gerd Leuchs

Multistability of Driven-Dissipative Quantum Spins
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Probing qubit memory errors at the part-per-million level
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Selective excitation of multipolar spoof plasmons using orbital angular momentum of light
Takashi Arikawa, Tomoki Hiraoka, Shohei Morimoto, Francois Blanchard, Shuntaro Tani, Tomoko Tanaka, Kyosuke Sakai, Hiroki Kitajima, Keiji Sasaki, Koichiro Tanaka

Short-time expansion of Heisenberg operators in open collective quantum spin systems
Authors: Michael A. Perlin, Ana Maria Rey

Two-qubit entangling gates within arbitrarily long chains of trapped ions
Authors: Kevin A. Landsman, Yukai Wu, Pak Hong Leung, Daiwei Zhu, Norbert M. Linke, Kenneth R. Brown, Luming Duan, Christopher R. Monroe

Verification of independent quantum devices
Authors: C. Greganti, T. F. Demarie, M. Ringbauer, J. A. Jones, V. Saggio, I. A. Calafell, L. A. Rozema, A. Erhard, M. Meth, L. Postler, R. Stricker, P. Schindler, R. Blatt, T. Monz, P. Walther, J. F. Fitzsimons

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